This repository retrieves the data and code for our presentation at the 12th International Epidemiology Workshop:

Del Ponte, E.M. Sparks, A.H. (2018). Open ideas, data and code sharing: epidemiologists should be in front!. Proceedings of the 12th International Epidemiology Workshop

The abstract can be found in

The slides of the presentation were prepared in Google Slides and can be found here.

The code used to generate graphs that were presented at IEW12 can be found in the articles.

The data are from

Sparks, A.H., Del Ponte, E.M., Everhart, S., Foster, Z.S.L., and Grünwald, N. (2018). Compendium of R code and data for ‘Status and Best Practices for Reproducible Research In Plant Pathology’. Accessed 02 Jun 2018. Online at

How to use

Install supporting package, hrbrthemes

Install hrbrthemes, which provides the theme for the ggplot2 graphs and loads the fonts.

Install the package and load it. Upon loading it follow the directions for installing and loading Roboto Condensed fonts.

Take note of these instructions and execute them and then install the font, Roboto Condensed on your computer as directed.

Instructions for installing Roboto Condensed on your system


Now install the package using devtools and then use browseVignettes to see the HTML version, the raw Rmd file and only the R code of the vignette locally.

How to cite

Please cite this compendium as:

EM Del Ponte, AH Sparks, (2018). Compendium of R code and data for ‘Open ideas, data and code sharing: epidemiologists should be in front!’. Accessed 04 Jul 2018. Online at

How to download or install

You can download the compendium as a zip from from this URL:

Or you can install this compendium as an R package,, from GitHub with:



Text and figures : CC-BY-4.0

Code : See the DESCRIPTION file

Data : CC-0 attribution requested in reuse


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